• Data Service

    We do support more than than 50 stock exchanges all around the world. Data is available via HTTP, email, FTP and through our Web Service. For traders using End of Day data, our data service is the number one choice for reliable and robust data flow.

  • Technical Analysis Software

    If you are serious about making money in stock trading, it is almost impossible to do it these days without a trading tool or professional software. MetaStock is a powerful software that caters to the needs of both sophisticated as well as novice traders.

  • Historical Data

    We can provide up to 40 years End of Day price history (Stocks, Indices, ETFs, Futures, …) for all main world equity exchange (America, Europe and Asia). Major tickers are covered from the beginning, for example, we have S&P 500 index data from march 1928.


EoD Data Service

Main world equity exchange

We provide financial instruments (Stocks, Indices, ETF's, Futures, Forex, Mutual Funds, …) listed on all major financial markets worldwide (Paris, London, Frankfurt, Milan, Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Chicago, Toronto, and many more).

Reliable Data

We have 15+ providers for our data feeds to cover the maximum number of exchanges and provide more reliable data. Our historical stock data has been carefully screened and put through a series of filters to ensure that it meets the high standard demanded by technical analysts.


Our data service automatically updates historical data Metastock, Ascii, Excel e CSV format. This makes our data service compatible with the main technical analysis software, including the award winning MetaStock, MultiCharts, Omnitrader, TradeStation, and many more.

Data Quality

AWS brings you quality quotes (Stocks, Indices, ETFs, Futures, …) and historical charting data to help set a solid foundation for your investment decisions.

Flexible Data

You can subscribe only to the markets of your interest by customizing your data flow and in so doing you will pay only what you really need.

Technical support

We provide support both via email, Web Chat and remote access. Usually we answer in several minutes and fix 99.99% of data issues within 24 hours or less.

Data & Exchange

  • Exchanges

    We provide data from all major world equity exchange (Paris, London, Frankfurt, Milan, Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Chicago, Toronto, and many more).

  • Instruments

    We provide about 20,000 financial instruments including: Stocks, ETFs, Indices, Derivates, Warrant, Bonds, Foreign Exchange Rates (Forex), Mutual Funds, …
    All data is available for download one hour after market closes.

  • Price

    For each financial instrument we provide the following prices: Open High, Low, Close, Volume and Open Interest (only Futures).
    More importantly, data is automatically adjusted for rights, bonus issues, stock splits, consolidation, …


  • Flexible prices

    In opposite to other services, with our you pay only for what you need.

  • Low prices

    Our prices start from € 10.00 per month.

  • Choose duration

    You can choose the quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription.


MetaStock is an award-winning trading platform

MetaStock is a well known Technical Analysis software created by Equis International (now known as Innovative Market Analysis).
Whether you trade Stocks, Indices, Futures, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Options, … this award-winning desktop platform delivers the power, speed, and flexibility active traders demand.
Whether you're an experienced, active trader or just learning how to trade the markets, MetaStock helps you succeed. It contains powerful analysis tools so you can make informed decisions about what to buy and sell, and when to execute, resulting in the most profitable trades.
MetaStock is a powerful, flexible tool designed to help you as a trader scan the market to identify current opportunities based on your criteria, backtest your strategies and see how well they have performed in the past.
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